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Are you concerned about the right strategy for the future?
Are you wondering how you and your team can act more effectively?
Do you need to inspire others and implement difficult solutions?
Do you face challenges when communicating with your partners concerning projects or customers?
Do you need to get your team members to take personal responsibility, focus on quality, and customer service?
Do you still find some of your team using "old school leadership" methods?
Are you wondering how to best exploit current trends?

Let us help you to develop a plan that can take your organization to the next level. We begin by analyzing your organization and identifying your current asset and vulnerabilities.

We then formulate a plan that will improve the performance of your company, your corporate academy, your team, and yourself. And then we will evaluate the results across several dimensions including each team member's performance and overall company success.

Learning is work. It requires studying, thinking, and acting. Successful, efficient, and effective team and customer cooperation is foundational to your organization's success. The good news: Your team can learn to work smarter rather than harder.

organizational culture, innovation, flexibility, learning new things, and commitment


  • Organizational development is a challenge since change is hard and sometimes resisted.
  • Systematic and customized interventions help drive the change.
  • We develop a team committed to adapting to new challenges as they emerge.

Implementing Change Processes - Training Change Competence

"One person waits for the times to change, the other seizes the day and acts."
(Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321, Italian poet and philosopher)

Situation: In order to deal effectively with newly emerging markets and disruptive technologies, people need to change habits, adopt structures and processes, and develop new ways of working. And the need is to do this in addition to conducting normal business.

Solution: We develop the strategy, then guide you in implementing these processes systematically and efficiently. This includes a thorough organizational analysis, a structured plan of action along with the assessment tools, information, and workshops necessary for implementation. We help your managers become the drivers of change. In larger projects, we bring in our implementation team partners to work with your organization and/or your consulting companies.

Benefit: You can enhance your organization and implement innovations based on the strengths of your team members. This makes your company more flexible, dynamic, and forward-looking. Your organization becomes more efficient and avoids unnecessary problems.

understanding your purpose, prioritizing your goals, identifying the complexities involved, planning your strategy, getting organized, coaching your team members, and delegating


  • Consistent decisions are difficult in both routine and complex situations.
  • Well thought through decisions will clarify your goals and strategies.
  • Employees and managers learn to work on improving your company in addition to conducting routine business.


Goal and Strategy Workshops, Training and Coaching of Decision-Making Competence

"Alea iacta est" – "The die is cast" – "The decision is made."
(Gaius Julius Caesar, 100-44 BC, Roman emperor, reported dictum before crossing the Rubicon)

Situation: The world is becoming increasingly complex. Goal deadlines are becoming shorter, often subject to change, and even occasionally contradictory. Modern work trends and new job requirements are often complicated. Managers, leaders, and employees may face never-seen-before challenges.

Solution: We help you assess priorities and set goals, creating more clarity for you and your partners. We develop strategies for dealing with new complexities. And we help you discover more effective methods of delegating responsibilities.

Benefit: Your employees gain clarity and certainty. This helps them stay motivated. Your newly trained leaders and managers will make entrepreneurial decisions based on the principles you have selected as most important. In this way, both your organization's productivity and morale are greatly improved.

management development, negotiating, selling, delegating, coaching, motivating, demonstrating conflict resolution skills, and leading through collaboration


  • Organizations need training in how to lead people inside and outside the organization in an effective manner.
  • Practice cooperative influencing styles to help guide projects, sales, and purchasing.
  • With us, you achieve reliable results, commitment, and trust.


Training and Coaching Leadership, Negotiating, and Selling

"Lead your life, rather than letting life lead you."
(Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790, an inventor and American Founding Father)

Situation: "Top down" or "bottom up" – which style is most effective? Young employees have different values and customers have new expectations. But commitment, predictability, reliability, proactive thinking, and trust will always be very important. This is also true for sales and business negotiations.

Solution: Upgrade your leadership, sales, and influencing skills. We teach methods and principles that meet today's social, economic, and human requirements. We conduct training and coaching that gets your employees engaged. We will show you how employees' job satisfaction leads to improved productivity.

Benefit: Employees experience appreciation, get more deeply involved, think ahead, become more committed, avoid mistakes, and advance the team and the organization. Cooperation partners and customers understand that you want to inspire them. And they choose you because you actually do just that.

adjusting your organization's culture, developing teams, matrix structure, making virtual meetings effective, and enhancing cooperation, communication, and appreciation


  • You need to get team members eager to cooperate with each other and pursue team goals.
  • Tailor-made team development and project communication are key to success.
  • Collaboration is an attitude - we help team members enjoy celebrating each other's success.

Team Development - Coaching in Projects - Multicultural Teams - Meeting Culture

"Teams need spirit nowadays 'cause trouble simply is the case. Yet communion won't last long if people jointly don't pull strong."
(Oskar Stock, German author, personal translation)

Situation: How do you achieve the results you need when it requires working together in a team, changing project structures, working in a leadership matrix, attending virtual meetings, and communication via new media platforms?

Solution: We teach you how to systematically pursue the development of the team. In projects and team meetings, it is important to talk about the "how" and not just about the "what". Deadlines, pressures, and agitation are simply not motivating. Cooperation is a winning approach and we show you how to achieve this.

Benefit: Collaboration is fun. Collective experiences accelerate projects. The skills of all members are used, and all opinions are heard (although not all are heeded). Team support promotes alertness and avoids project failures. Mutual understanding can lead to broad and global partnership.

personality assessment, leadership potential, competence checks, recruiting & personnel selection, job interviews, people analytics, employer branding, evaluation, diagnostics


  • Good personnel selection, promotion decisions, and coaching approaches start with a precise analysis of individual strengths, development areas, and future potential.
  • Professional psychologists use and develop measurement tools to assess potential.
  • Assessment information can help guide your decisions about how to place and lead your personnel.


Personnel Assessment and Appraisal - Assessment of future Potential, Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and other Competencies

"Personality has it all, talent has it anyway."
(Karl Kraus, 1874-1936, Austrian author, personal translation)

Situation: What we think about people's personality traits or motives is mostly just guesswork. Yet, they have a huge impact on how people make decisions or approach job assignments, goals, and change. Professional assessment of personality, motives, and individual potential requires the expertise of a personnel psychologist.

Solution: We use and develop psychological assessment tools for you to measure competencies, potential, and skills. We carry out assessments for your employees in candidate selection or employee development. Our methods are compliant with DIN and ISO standards for personnel assessment.

Benefit: You know the strengths and areas of development of your job candidates and employees. This will help you make better personnel decisions. State-of-the-art assessments also improve your company's image and make it more attractive to future applicants and customers.

discover your strengths . shape your future