You might be surprised how similar organizational challenges, strategies, and motives are across industries. We work with companies of all sizes - medium-sized companies, international enterprises, regional and local organizations, academies, and foundations. We work with employees on all levels - from trainees to top managers.

If you need someone who has special knowledge or industry experience, please let me know. Our experience includes companies involved in: information technology, publishing and media, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and medical practices, insurance companies, retail and wholesale organizations, automotive, construction, hospitality and tourism. I also have experience with foundations, educational institutions, and consulting firms.

When engaged in larger projects or programs spanning several locations or countries, we team up with our partners. Together we are broadly positioned and bring an even wider range of expertise. We share similar approaches and treat all people with courtesy and respect.

Everyone benefits from the network. We pursue your goals with our broad experience and skill in a coordinated way. And we continuously adapt and develop our approach based on the best scientific research.


Partners and cooperations

Hogan Assessment Systems »
Hogan assessments are scientifically based tools used to predict job performance. They are active in 180 countries and their tools have been verified and tested with more than 1,000,000 participants. I use them in personnel selection and in coaching managers and employees.

SIOP, the Society for Organizational and Industrial Psychology, is the leading global network for practitioners and researchers in applied personnel, industrial, and organizational psychology. The organization is committed to supporting and connecting people and organizations on HR and human business-related topics. As a professional SIOP member, I share the mission of creating benefits for people in organizations and using state-of-the-art methods and high-quality tools in my work.

TeamPerform & PerformEnhancement GmbH »
TeamPerform is a scientifically based concept pioneered by two university professors of Zürich and St. Gallen. Its method optimizes cooperation in team settings. TeamPerform has been developed by PerformEnhancement GmbH. Through a combination of communication training, self-awareness workshops, and behavior change, TeamPerform identifies any misunderstandings and ambiguity in social interaction, and help in rectifying them. PerformEnhancement is our partner when it comes to personal well-being, stress reduction, and cooperative communication.

Akademie der Deutschen Medien gGmbH, ADM - Academy of German Media »
As a non-profit organization, the Media Academy, ADM, is one of the leading institutions for further education and qualification in media, marketing, digital change, and innovation. Marco Behrmann is ADM faculty member in the open program and engage in tailor-made in-house projects. We share our expertise and services when it comes to challenges of modern leadership, sales skills, negotiation challenges, and change competence.

leaders@work »
Gabriele Hoffmann, Dr. Mathias Kotowski, Friederike Schüle, and Verena Böttger help in organizational development, strategic management and sales development, and personnel development in the (inter)personal domain of work. We work together with leaders@work when significant steps in organizations need to happen and lasting changes in behavior and attitude need to be achieved. The great strength of leaders@work is their non-ideological, flexible, competent approach – always goal-oriented, to the point, effective, and efficient.

Labæk Consulting »
Anette Labæk knows how to move people and organizations significantly when changes are needed in leadership style and team alignment. We have been working together for many years because we share a passion to empower people with personal responsibility. Guided by clear principles, we help people discover their potential and take action.

Manuela Zehender - Konfliktmut »
Manuela Zehender is an excellent business mediator with a keen sense of what moves people individually. She leads people out of conflicts and finds solutions. We enjoy our partnership in the areas of mediation, conflict, solution, and prevention - for organizations, start-ups, teams, and between individuals.

Relevant Managementberatung - Management Consulting »
René Kusch and his team know how personality factors operate in the workplace. As an authorized sales partner for Hogan Assessments, he is a X-Rubicon partner in leadership and team assessment projects. We have a long-standing working relationship.

blue frog - The Sales and Leadership Enthusiasts »
The sales and leadership enthusiasts at blue frog have set themselves the goal of supporting companies worldwide to achieve their corporate, team and personal goals in the areas of sales productivity, leadership and personal effectiveness with fun, heart and mind. With more than 35 years of experience in business, sales and leadership consulting, training, and coaching, they are a valuable source of inspiration in the X-Rubicon network.

Simone Herzig Consulting - Lead with Heart, Hand, and Mind »
Simone Herzig is a passionate systemic coach who puts people first - both the leader and the people in the team. With her systemic view, she discovers new perspectives and possibilities for action. We also work together in systemic team workshops that bring teams closer together, increase performance, or foster better teamwork.

Textöffner® - Krishna-Sara Helmle »
Krishna-Sara Helmle is an expert for communication that is easy to understand. She translates texts into Simplified or Plain Language. In working with her people and organizations learn how to communicate in a clear and simple way. We also collaborate in workshops against discrimination and for diversity to help change perspectives and raise diversity awareness in organizations.

creactivCONCEPT GmbH »
Isolde Nagel and her team have a talent for web designs with a strong customer orientation. This well-respected agency provides their clients with knowledge and inspiration. Creactiv Concept is our top partner on marketing and corporate identity projects.

HWS Tübingen GmbH & Co. KG - Tax Consulting »
Karin Oppenländer, with her team, consults with me on business issues. She is a professional and trusted partner for business planning, financial accounting, tax, and insurance.

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