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The people are key


The people are key! - These top 10 work trends rule the "new normal"

This year's workplace trends are characterized by the "new normal" of a virtual and hybrid business environment and emotional and structural consequences of remote working. Employee attraction, employee loyalty, and employee-centered, integrative working conditions are key topics for initiatives of executives and HR business partners. Take a minute and check out the top 10 trends and the results of the SIOP study yourself.

  • Trend #10: Enabling Organizational Culture in a Changing Workplace Environment
  • Trend #9: Employer's Role in Employees' Mental Health
  • Trend #8: Creating Effective Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Interventions
  • Trend #7: Stress and Burnout
  • Trend #6: The Great Resignation
  • Trend #5: Caring for Employee Well-Being
  • Trend #4: Talent Attraction and Retention in a Candidate-Driven Market
  • Trend #3: Managing the Transition Into Post-Pandemic Work
  • Trend #2: Ensuring Inclusive Environments and Cultures
  • Trend #1: Employee Engagement and Organizational Commitment of Remote Workers

Work strain, economic uncertainty, inclusion and integration, change management, corporate culture, working in times of a pandemic, employer branding, and individual engagement at work - all those concentrated issues together make organizations face complex challenges. It is important to provide and implement foresighted solutions and offers. The individual person is the key to every work. Private and work life are blending. The situation and future work conditions need to be modern, inviting, unburdening, and human. How do you solve this challenge? Please send us your thoughts.

More on the complexity of the business work and the workplace trends survey is available at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

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