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Decisions for every day


The 10 Decisions you have to make Every Day

We are needed. We manage hundreds of decisions every day for ourselves or for others. We regularly need to check the status of projects and assign responsibilities. In addition, we manage conflicts and take care of ourselves. With these 10 question, you can ask yourself everyday, how clear you are in your role and how successful in your job. And you do not need to be a leader to reflect about these central leadership questions:

  1. Do I trust the other 100%?
  2. Do I know my goal 100%?
  3. Do I pursue the organization's goals 100%?
  4. Am I open for change?
  5. Do I want to address and resolve conflicts?
  6. Do I think strategically and in context?
  7. Can I accept the consequences 100%?
  8. Do I bear 100% of my responsibility?
  9. Can I really let go?
  10. Do I want to lead?

Each of these questions not only addresses a decision but also discovers personal beliefs. People act according to what they believe. Self-leadership is a prerequisite for leading or influencing others. People who lead themselves well achieve better results and are happier in life. Hence, this question list helps you to break down your situation regularly to simple and binary decisions and to remain aware of your own determination. Questions that you cannot clearly answer with "Yes" indicate personal learning areas.

Who does not lead is being led.

If you want to learn more about the background of core self-beliefs, self-responsibility, and self-efficacy, check out research overviews by Joyce Bono and Timothy Judge, for example: Bono & Judge

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