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Stress prevention - Sharpen your saw


Stress Prevention at its best - 5-Step Success Formula for Dealing with Complexity and Demanding Situations

A lumberjack was hasty and busy trying to cut a tree with his saw. He was obviously having a hard time working hard. A walker saw the reason and wanted to help the lumberjack: "I see that you making your work more difficult than necessary. Your saw is blunt. Why don't you sharpen it?" The lumberjack replied without even looking up: "I don't have time. I have to saw."
Do you know situations like that parable yourself?

What are your tools for dealing with your daily work? How do you deal with your challenges? Are your saws sharpened? How do you minimize stress or reduce unnecessary work? How do you get the right effect? What are your levers of influence? Here are the 5 central tips for personal self-management when dealing with many and complex requirements:

  1. Formulate your goal and the expectation clearly and realistically. Focusing is an art.
  2. Set priorities and stick to them. Saying no is ok.
  3. Adjust the dosage of your actions appropriately. Less is more.
  4. Involve others in your decisions. Conflicts represent an opportunity.
  5. Recognize and master your personal reflexes. Self-control makes you stronger.

Make sure that your saw is always sharp - your personal tools must work. Bring yourself up to date with the latest knowledge and work out your methods for your personal effectiveness. You will be more persistent, efficient, and impactful if you know what you are doing, why you are doing it and what you are doing it for. If you can and would like to treat yourself to a learning break for personal stress prevention, then this seminar might be a good opportunity: https://www.medien-akademie.de/


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