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Stress and Performance


How to Perform Under Pressure. Instruction for improved productivity and satisfaction on the job.

Ever faster, ever further, ever higher. The world is moving too fast. In an attempt to cope, we often try to do too much.
It would be useful to take a break and sort things out. Here are helpful methods to more effectively deal with time pressures, complexity, and stress.

Try these tips to energize your performance:

1. The PPP of time management

  • Processes: Organize and merge items that belong together.
  • Prioritization: Decide what is most important.
  • Planning: Set goals and reasonable deadlines.

2. The FFF of complexity management

  • Follow: Find inspiration by engaging in top priority projects.
  • In-Fluence: Monitor your influence on people and projects.
  • Fly: Practice standing back and looking at things objectively.

3. The ABC of stress management

  • Affective strategy: Your thoughts determine your feelings. Choose constructive thoughts.
  • Behavioral strategy: Take a deep breath and focus on one thing at a time.
  • Cognitive strategy: Swap negative frustrations for positive solutions.

If you want to take a guided timeout to get re-energized, this course might be worth checking:

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