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"Stop judging!" – Why mental speed hinders good listening

We are natural judges. You might think. People like to sort their experiences into their own grid. That is understandable for its help. We come to quicker conclusions and faster next actions. Hence, efficiency is not always wise. In cooperation with others, we often unintentionally do injustice to others with our judgments and cause misunderstandings or even stir up conflicts. Fortunately, it is possible to avoid this if we just follow 3 simple principles:

  1. Switch off autopilot: when things get difficult, think briefly before acting or speaking.
  2. Tune broadcast mode: resolve to really listen instead of speaking first.
  3. Expand your categories: remember your own assessment is only a narrow section of the truth.

Open-mindedness, thorough perception, and a attention to a dialogue do guarantee good cooperation. We all know this – we should not stop reminding ourselves of it. Because otherwise the autopilot does… you know 😀.

You can find out more about appreciative communication in Thorsten Rabenbauer (2021): Leadership Principle of Appreciation (German). Munich: Hanser.

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