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Change Management


State-of-the-Art Change Management - Rarely before have we been challenged more

The current pandemic affects everyone. One silver lining is that it offers opportunities for change. Rarely before now have we been so challenged, and never before have our decisions carried such weight. What are needed are carefully considered goals, strategies, and objectives. Here are tips for managing your changes effectively:

  1. Explicitly state the urgency of adapting to the crisis situation.
  2. Encourage change with a clear and positive plan of action.
  3. Involve those affected, and collect their comments and suggestions.
  4. Stay calm, clear minded, and patient. Your people will look to you for reassurance.

Communicate openly with your colleagues and partners, always keeping your primary responsibilities in mind. Take an hour once in a while to reflect on and finetune your personal change strategy. The (German) webinar below will help guide you through this process:


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