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Stand by me - 10 Instruments of employee engagement

Many leaders feel externally controlled nowadys, because employees are no longer so easy to find. Those who are there, often formulate utmost demands for money and freedom. Both are important aspects of employee engagement, motivation, and retention. As a leader, hold the steering wheel in your hands and discuss with your top people which contribution everyone can make to keep the organization attractive and the culture a good place to work. These 10 tools have proven to create a valuable framework for employer branding and engagement:

  • invest heavily in appreciative leadership
  • create challenging working conditions and degrees of freedom
  • promote ownership and appropriate performance and purpose frameworks
  • give regular feedback and promote a good conflict culture
  • equip workplaces with modern and advanced technology
  • establish trust-based working hours and flexible working time models
  • allow working in the flex office/home office
  • support child care
  • offer learning and training opportunities
  • encourage joint team activities

Many things are not difficult to implement. It just takes the right priorities. Business requirements are often the primary argument against employee engagement measures. This is exactly where organizations and cultures who invest in attractive jobs and future working models differ from those that see employees as an operand and a resource. It is no rocket science, but a simple decision to live fairness, be a good role model and focus on the people while working hard and intensively together on exciting and difficult topics.
Among other places, you can find more about employee engagement on FAZ.net (German).

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