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Being a good advisor


Recommendations for recommendations - the 5 basic rules for good giving advice

You have good ideas for the people around you? You see the mistakes of others? You know what to do? Let's go! The world needs you. Well, there is a "but". If you are open for a piece of advice, then please take this one that is timeless and usefull both at work and in private life: you need to be a good advisor. 5 basic rules for good giving good support and advice explain who to really create benefit and preserve the peace while helping.

  1. Openness to advice: Do not be pushy. Never give unwanted advice. Ask for permission.
  2. Options: Distinguish advice from decision. Let the other decide for it or against it. It's not about enforcing your advice. "My way or the highway" is a no go.
  3. Neutrality: Do not judge. Help the other in the analysis of the possibilities as fact-based as possible. You need to stay in your role: you are not a judge of the behavior of the other but a guide, coach or advisor.
  4. Objectiveness: Apply objective and generally valid criteria and do not push through your personal opinions. Remind yourself that your opinions are only valid in your world. The world of the other is different for a reason.
  5. Fairness: Be open to reactions and feedback. Advisors are well-advised to also take advise. In the answer of the other there might be a wish or a hint that can help you in the future. Give and take.

Less is sometimes more. It's about honest and effective advice that is really meant for the other person and not for oneself. Even if you know it better, do not fight for ideologies or values. Leave room for experiences like pride, self-effectiveness, and freedom. And if this is hard for you start with asking others for advice. Or if you want: give yourself a well-meant advice and follow it. That's harder than you think.

What experiences do you have? How well do your executives support with advice, deeds, and tips? And how happily are they taken? We are looking forward to learn about your experiences. Write us!


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