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ABC in negotiation


Negotiation ABC - Which 3 Things Really Matter in Negotiations

Anyone can negotiate - but not everyone negotiates well. Why is that? In situations when we want to convince others of our goals, we often forget how much we depend on them and need them for a good solution. Then, our actions and reactions often come accross clearly exaggerated or not reasonable. Fairness becomes manipulation, strategy becomes tactic, courage becomes caution, questions become threats. A solution can be found in the negotiation ABC, your compass for each cooperative negotiation:

  • A - Adequacy
  • B - Both-sidedness
  • C - Commitment

Adequacy means that you are honest, sincere, clear, but always partner-oriented. Tactics and unfairness are no-go behaviors. If you stay fair-minded you safe time and avoid loss of trust. In a negotiation, both-sidedness matters. If you want to be treated as equals, it is important to create an atmosphere so equality works for all parties. This classical categorical imperative is still modern. Fairness and helpfulness literally pay off in most situations. Power play does the opposite. After all, commitment implies that you take the matter seriously, really want to convince the other person and not just persuade them. As a consequence, you need to change your perspective, deal closely with the interests and goals of the other person, and know your own interests and goals precisely. Bringing the two perspectives together will be the actual negotiation.

Aligning your own negotiating behavior with this ABC can be practiced. If you follow this ABC you start the negotiation before the negotiation, namely when winning the partner for the benefits of the negotiation ABC.

What is your experience? What is the hardest part of negotiating? Where do you need help? Please contact us.

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