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Leading by Asking Questions


Make Delegation More Effective! The recipe to make your job easier and projects more successful.

You get tasks assigned by your bosses. You organize the tasks around, telling them you will help if they run into a problem. Yet despite the delegation, you feel all the responsibility is still on you. Others don't perform properly without your intervention. They are not becoming independent.

The solution? Ask questions about your delegation style.

How can you be more persuasive? How do you motivate others? What are your expectations when you take on responsibility? What do you see as your contribution to the effort? What has your job taught you? How much independence do you have? What decisions are you allowed to make.

Would things work better if your organization had a different culture? Can you influence the culture? How do you currently deal with your mistakes? What skills would you like to improve? How can you do that? Which quality criteria do you follow? How do you know when you are successful? Are you motivated?

Modern leadership means asking yourself critical questions. Leaders need the ability to adapt to each other, to let subordinates make decisions, and to integrate the suggestions and interests of the team member. Most of modern leadership techniques also are coaching techniques. The one who is asking questions is leading. And the one who allows others to lead them is learning. Both in talking and in doing, we find answers to questions and solutions to challenges. Be the leader you want to have!

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