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Leadership from Home


Leading from Home - The 10 Tips for Surviving the Challenge

Calls, e-mails, meetings, calendar management, impactful decisions, KPI digging, conflict resolution, planning, goal setting, delegation, giving feedback, employee and team development, succession management - leadership is a challenge even in quiet normal times and requires careful action. It is even more demanding in crisis and when working from home: family needs, childcare, household chores, personal balance, dealing with stress, satisfaction and well-being add up. The good news: That sandwich is managable!

Professor Tammy Allen from the University of South Florida and coach Mark Poteet have compiled the top 10 tips for excellence, with which you can keep a step-by-step and systematic overview and lead effectively from your home office. And this is always true: less is often more! Be well prepared and consider available resources.

Here is the recipe to maintain productivity, motivation and well-being:

  1. Practice self-care first.
  2. Acknowledge and recognize.
  3. Establish clear communication.
  4. Set goals, define processes, and track performance.
  5. Keep the team inspired and motivated.
  6. Manage boundaries.
  7. Keep meetings on track.
  8. Ask if that virtual meeting is really necessary.
  9. Encourage continued social interaction.
  10. Prepare for the future.

Read the full text by Tammy and Mark at the SIOP resources: www.siop.org

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