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Humble Leadership


Humble Leadership - 6 strategies for challenging times

Many people may want to be seen as good leaders. In crises and on rough sea they have to stand the test. How are you suceeding? Sympathy, intelligence, smartness, courage, and strategic competence are not enough for good leadership. Navigating people and organizations safely through uncertain times requires a specific understanding of social qualities of leaders. The required skills include the following 6 humble leadership techniques:

  • Ask: asking is better than telling. It's about really understanding others and the situation.
  • Falsify: what you are thinking may be wrong. It is only your perspective. Strive for others to be right.
  • Listen: while others are talking, do not think about yourself. Follow the dialogue as attentively as you can.
  • Realign: in a tunnel we follow the light. Look in all directions beforehand and formulate the goal together.
  • Empower: give power instead of taking it. Help people learn skills and remove barriers.
  • Let go: Control and execution are no priority. With a clear goal and empowerment you can follow without directing.

"Great Man Leadership is out. Lonely wolves are lost." You cannot do it alone anymore. In many modern management situations, the captain's directions in rough seas do not lead to the best solution. Yet they hardly reach motivation rather than compliance only. This contradictory understanding of leadership and decision making challenges many modern executives. Not focusing on yourself when taking action is a learning topic. Find some inspiration, more explanations, and helpful suggestions at: Adam Grant (2021). Think Again - The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know. New York: Viking Press.

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