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Effective Home-Office Communication


Home Office - Communication or Coordination?

These are times of challenge and change. And some things are much easier than before. We can communicate and exchange information with colleagues, customers, supervisors, and team members via video, phone, email, or messenger.
But some things are harder. There is often more to organize and coordinate. The exchange via headphones, telephone handset, or computer screens has a few downsides. Here are some ways to avoid them:

  • Clarify the purpose of your communication (whether in emails and/or chats) and stay on topic.
  • Be concise in your reasoning. Use short sentences. Speak slowly and with breaks. Use simple language.
  • Ask questions, wait for answers, and listen carefully. Summarize and paraphrase what you understood.
  • Pay attention to the responses you read or hear. See if you can formulate a tactful way to address the responder's emotions.
  • Stick to your agenda. Don't stray away from the main topic.
  • Ask your partners directly how they feel about the conversation and what they would suggest for improvement.

Are these tips helpful? Would you like some examples? Below is a link where you can register for the webinar (in German):

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