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Future Skills - 21st Century Skills


Future Skills - Which Skills You Really Need in the 21st Century

Are you looking for a world formula for human behavior? When have you asked yourself last what you need to learn to stay an active player in the fast-moving, young, high-tech, and innovative business world? Which key competencies guarantee business success in the future? Which skills are essential for working in the 21st century? Here they are in a nutshell.

For several years in a row, the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) has reported skills that tomorrow's students will need. Our friend and partner, the learning researcher Dr. Jakob Mainert, has translated the 21st Century Skills to work life. Our cluster summarizes the central categories and behavioral requirements in a business context in compact form.

  • Analyzing & assessing: Having a quick overview enables speedy action.
  • Setting & formulating goals: Being really clear on goals fosters motivation and focus.
  • Deciding & implementing: Taking 100% responsibility leads to courage and commitment.
  • Cooperating & leading: Who cooperates, motivates and wins - not who orders and fights.
  • Learning & reflecting: Learning is a skill to be learned - and so is self-critical monitoring of success.

What's your first thought reading this? "I know. I am strong there. All clear to me." Fantastic! Nevertheless: Test yourself, think outside the box, reflect on the consequences and situations, train and discuss specific soft and hard skills actively and future-oriented. We invite you to do this, for example, in this webinar with Dr. Marco Behrmann:

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