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Leading without Authority


Being Persuasive Without Power - This is the True Art of Leadership

Leading other people, teams, and colleagues without being the supervisor - this is the hardest way of leadership. How do you explain that cooperation is necessary? How do you achieve reliability? How much control is helpful before causing demotivation? How do you react if line management always wins or priorities of your partners simply have changed? Especially in times of crisis, this happens often. Here are the 5 essential tips for effective influence without pressure and power:

  1. Make yourself attractive. Think about why someone should do something for you and act accordingly.
  2. Be honest and kind. The number 1 principle of cooperation is honest and sincere appreciation.
  3. Always give something back. Find out what the other do need or expect - often you need to pay in soft currency.
  4. Make decisions together. Voluntary action leads to true ownership.
  5. Stay tuned and stay factual. Explain the requirement, the dependencies and your role.

Reflect regularly and pay attention how you choose your words. People under pressure often behave more bossy. You can always adjust your own style and avoid triggering resistance. If you want to improve your personal leadership without authority, you can also use this (German) webinar:


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