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SIOP Workplace Trends 2023


Top 10 Workplace Trends point on Remote Challenges - Understand your workforce's needs!

Where and when do you deliver better work results? Working from home or working in a traditional office environment? SIOP's workplace trends are dominated by the challenges of hybrid and remote work as well related emotional, structural, and health conditions. Companies who understand to establish good working options and integrate their employee's needs will not only have a healthier and happier workforce but also be more attractive as employers. Check out the top 10 workplace topics and results of the SIOP trend study.

  • 2023 Trend #1: Re-thinking the employee experience of remote workers
  • 2023 Trend #2: Best practices for managing a hybrid workforce
  • 2023 Trend #3: Managing the transition into the post-pandemic world
  • 2023 Trend #4: Ensuring inclusive environments and cultures
  • 2023 Trend #5: Talent attraction and retention in a candidate-driven market
  • 2023 Trend #6: Reshaping work to address employee’s mental health
  • 2023 Trend #7: Revisiting people strategies in times of economic uncertainty
  • 2023 Trend #8: Psychological safety in the workplace
  • 2023 Trend #9: Leadership development and coaching
  • 2023 Trend #10: Integrating work, life, and family

Each year since 2014, SIOP has surveyed its members about the top issues they are seeing impact the workplace. The top 10 workplace trends represent broad, complex challenges in the business world that business leaders, HR managers, and Industrial & Organizational psychologists need to address.
The full list and more information about the workplace trends survey is available at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

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