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SalesMOCEAN® – New tool assesses how selling creates partnership

Imagine you are a customer: Do you sometimes have the impression that the person you are talking to comes across as a bit rigid, bureaucratic, or product-focused? Do you ever wonder why exactly you are being addressed by carelessly dropped, inappropriate standard emails from salespeople? Wouldn't you rather have a conversation that is all about your topics, goals, and real needs? If this is the case, it is empirically shown that we are willing to invest together and even create tailor-made services and products in partnership. What does that mean for selling? Standard conversation guidelines at the POS or structured customer relationship management systems have become obsolete. Real partnership goes a significant step further. With the new SalesMOCEAN® tool, you can determine in 6 categories where you stand and what you can and should do in order to be (more) effective and modern in your sales and partnership approach and more successful in business in the long run.

  • M - Sales Enthusiasm: How much passion do you have and do you need in your sales activities?
  • O - Opportunity Focus: How do you deal with sales opportunities?
  • C - Process Strength: How do you use and guide yourself through sales processes?
  • E - Active Selling: How actively do you sell and how do you demonstrate ownership?
  • A - Cooperation: How do you convey a cooperative attitude?
  • N - Relationship Strength: How do you build a resilient relationship?

The assessment is useful for all those who have or would like to have direct or indirect contact with customers, suppliers, and partners of all kinds. It is not just about the dosage of contact points but also about the way we talk to each other and how we prepare our own organization in order to live real partnership. Shape your sales culture with SalesMOCEAN®.

For more information, visit www.salesmocean.com and write us. The assessment is available in German. With your initiative and our scientific and sales expertise we will bring it into English. Please contact us.

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